Compatible Products
  • 01
    Targeting Pappilary/Reticular Dermis
    Able to target Papillary and Reticular Dermis and able to perform RF shots and inject fillers, all at the same time
  • 02
    3D Dermal Rejuvenation
    Able to use various injectables such as PDLA, HA, Skin Boosters, etc., as doctor’s and/or patient’s preference
  • 03
    World First RF & Injector
    high-frequency energy and injectables at targeted layers simultaneously
  • 04
    Exponential Synergy Effect
    The combination of RF + Injection provides synergy effect and the result of Injection will show directly after the treatment and over time, RF effect will enhance the result, providing exponential synergy effect.
  • 05
    User and Patient Friendly Treatment
    Available to use any non-crossed link filler according to user’s preference and provides cooling system to protect patient’s epidermis
  • Model Name
  • Product Type
    RF & Injector
  • Needle Type
    0.4mm & 1.0mm
  • Purpose of Use
    Effect in the layer of the papillary and reticular dermis
  • Various Injectables
    Most of Non-Cross / Minimal Linked Product
  • Recommended Usage
    Non-Cross linked filler